Ah, I bet you are sitting at your computer, hunched over like the rest of us with the terrible posture that would make my Nana poke you in the back...wondering why on earth you should read my ramblings. I've got only one answer for you...in view of the fact that I happen to be a bit of a wackadoo, my musings can be your evidence that you are completely normal, thus relieving you of the fear that you have gone loco. Leave that part to me. Oh, and I love to use the thesaurus, as I have an affinity for elocution and a deep seated, albeit odd obsession with grandiose language.
So dig in and be prepared...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Type A...

go away!
Who can possibly be this type A? Who can possibly only ever see the thing that is not right...not just so...not the WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE?
Well, I guess that would be me.
Me. That lady with 5 kids who are great. A really nice house. A great husband. Lots of blessings. All of which I see and am truly grateful for. SO, WHY WHY WHY am I such a debbie downer half the time? Do I have any idea how blessed I am? Yup. SO, again...I ask: Why can't I just be, um...content?
My Mom and I dissected this tonight and we came up with a few possibles. None of which I care to share. Suffice it to say I have issues. Ones that truly need some resolution. Is it possible to become a squiggle if you're really a square?
Man...I'd really love to be a squiggle.
How exactly does one become a squiggle from a square? Should I de-alphabetize my spices? Jumble my clothes so they are not in color/sleeve (or pant...or skirt) length order? Unschool my kids? How exactly does one RELEASE the pressure valve that type A seems to have me under?
I've GOT IT.
I'm moving into an RV. In a warm climate. With no yard.
Crap, that won't do it. My hair would NEVER be clean with that crappy water pressure. And what would I do with all those alphabetized spices?
Ok...plan B.
I am going to post one thing every day that I am grateful for. One thing that God has blessed me with.
Starting right now.
I am grateful for this house. Every square inch of it. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

type a, checking out for now...
clan mac mama

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writer's block + insomnia=

a very sad mama.
sassy and a smart a** i used to be...
then i lost the biggest part of me...
my brain has left me in a tizzy..
the words just fly & make me dizzy...
the only thing that I can pen...
are these silly, nilly....

well, stink. I can't even rhyme that one!

This is REALLY irritating. I can't even find a funny way to write about my littles. HELP...HELP...HELP...please return my brain to sender if you find it in your box....