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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I DON'T get the flu...

so what the heck is this sick business I've got going on here? On day 2 of the flu and it just makes me crazy to be stuck here on this stupid couch, staring at the mess around me...and I don't even feel like cleaning it up.
We have 4 weeks until the hubby leaves and there seems to be no end in sight for the piles of junk that need to be dealt with. The school room...the junk off the deck...the school planning...the wills...the POA's...
And my poor husband is perpetually exhausted and overwhelmed. I wouldn't blame him one bit if he was looking forward to the deployment just so he can get a little rest.

We need a vacation. Alone. Most of the time, we forget that before the clan mac, it was just Tiff and Charles. And yes, I love my life, I love my kids and I'm SO grateful for the blessing of them in my life, I just don't want to forget the blessing of my marriage.

Here's to praying for a smooth 4 weeks.

Clan Mac Mama

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