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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It has a name...

Cognitive Dulling.

For the security of knowing I'm on an even keel, I seem doomed to sacrifice the pieces of me that make me exactly who I really am.
Uh, did that actually make any sense to anyone but me?
I should probably elaborate....
One of the medications used to treat bipolar disorder is called Trileptal. "On-label," it is an anti-epileptic. "Off-label," it is used widely to treat bipolar disorder. (I'm guessing most of you who read this know I'm a certified wacko, but for those of you who don't, I am considered bipolar II.)
Let me reiterate from previous posts...I DO NOT think I can fly, I DO NOT think I am someone else, I DO NOT hear voices in my head (well, maybe just a few...) I DO have a lot of emotional bungee cording that is frustrating and a lot of chaos in my mind that makes my type A personality SO MUCH worse as I try to offset the chaos in my mind with order in my environment...

To get to the point, I take Trileptal. It makes me a little more sane, a lot less fun, a lot less creative and a whole lot less able to write "easily."
I have always loved to write. It just kind of makes me a little more normal, a little more grounded and a lot more relaxed.
Well, I just can't do it very well anymore. I struggle all the time to just get a few sentences, let alone a full on post on a weekly basis like I used to.

Next point...last doc appt, as I complained once again to my shrink about my inability to "be me," i.e. write, be creative, think outside the box...He finally informed about something known as "cognitive dulling." Apparently, it's a phenomenon experienced by many patients on these types of meds. Needless to say...it explained a lot.

Last point. I find it extraordinarily annoying, disheartening and altogether a pain in my **s.

So, what to do, what to do?

And the praying begins.
Can you say some for me too? The writer in me would sure appreciate it. :-)

with love,
clan mac mama

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  1. Hey. Guess what? You're not any less you. This is just the more even-keeled you. I know--I mean I KNOW--how hard it is and there are still days that I miss the mass of creativity that comes with my manic days, but I sure as hell don't miss my depression. Even ON my medication, I still have those moments. I know this is a daily struggle for you, but don't give up. The meds DO help you, and while I know it sometimes feel like it hampers you, you're still creative, fun, intelligent and wonderful. You're just a little more..dare I say "normal." Hang in there. I know it's hard.