Ah, I bet you are sitting at your computer, hunched over like the rest of us with the terrible posture that would make my Nana poke you in the back...wondering why on earth you should read my ramblings. I've got only one answer for you...in view of the fact that I happen to be a bit of a wackadoo, my musings can be your evidence that you are completely normal, thus relieving you of the fear that you have gone loco. Leave that part to me. Oh, and I love to use the thesaurus, as I have an affinity for elocution and a deep seated, albeit odd obsession with grandiose language.
So dig in and be prepared...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

For tired young mothers of many...

like me.  I read this post and the waterworks just spewed forth...What a gift and a true reminder that although this too shall pass, please don't let it pass to quickly...Already my big girl double digits and my baby talks in sentences, my in betweens are changing every day and the years just race by at the speed of snuggles & laundry, meals and clean up, school and holidays.  Read & enjoy, my friends.  Slow down the race and enjoy the walk.
Click the link below & grab your tissues!

For tired young mothers of many

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