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Thursday, July 3, 2014

I found this on an old Facebook page...

and it made me laugh…but it also reminded me of some of what I sort of "forgot" in the last 5 years…So, I'm republishing as a reminder!  LOL

1. I have 7 more tattoos than my husband and I would love to get more, but am not sure if I'm just too mommified. 

2. It drives my hubby crazy that I have more tattoos and he keeps insisting it's his turn. 

3. I always thought I'd have 3 kids, but for years said I'd get preggers with twins on #3. WELL GUESS WHAT... I was right! 

4. I knew on the first date that I would marry Charles and I told my Mom that the next day. Thank the Lord I was right, because I won the husband lottery! 

5. My favorite place to live, EVER, was Okinawa, Japan. I still miss it and my friends from there desperately. I think we all thought we'd be together forever. I love you, my Oki pals. 

6. I have the best siblings ever. We are a rockin' sibling unit and I can't imagine my life without their love and support. 

7. I have COOL parents. I actually love to party WITH them. 

8. I have not lived anywhere longer than 2 years and 11 months since I joined the Marine Corps. 

9. NO ONE thought I'd make it through Marine Corps bootcamp, let alone be really good at it. I showed them, good! Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

10. I'm so TYPE A that I alphabetize my spices, organize my closet by color, length, sleeves, etc..... I could go on and on, but if you look up TYPE A in the dictionary, you'll see my pic right next to Michelle's picture and Kristina's picture. 

11. It stresses me out to have to give my kids non organic food. And most of my family thinks it's crazy for me to be so anal about their food. My Dad fears my tree-huggerness. 

12. I use cloth diapers on 3 of my kids and NO I am not crazy. 

13. I've been singing for 23 years and I am still terrified of doing it in front of people. (Unless they are under 3 feet tall and still poop and pee in their pants.) 

14. I named my son after my great grandfather and my Dad. I think my Dad is the best and I wanted him to know it! 

15. I hate pantyhose and refuse to wear them, ever. Hell for me would be pantyhose and people that dress badly. 

16. I named my daughter Mercy because I believe I am blessed by the mercy of the Lord and my children are my testimony. 

17. I think UGGS are the best thing ever invented, even if they are obnoxiously ugly and I am sure I will be the only Mom in Jacksonville, NC who wears UGGS, give her kid organic food and uses cloth diapers. 

18. I get VERY upset when people mess with my family and close friends and have been known to be downright ugly about it. I AM very PROTECTIVE of the people I love. 

19. I have a blog about my family and it saves me from the hell of scrapbooking. Of course, my kids might be embarassed when they grow up, but oh well. That's my job! 

20. I still miss being in the Marine Corps sometimes. 

21. My friend Nicole and I talk in weird accents when we are on the phone and my sister and I call each other bizarre names. I guess growing up is still a ways off for me. 

22. I drive a minivan with leopard print floor mats. I am NOT a soccer mom, I'm a rockin' mom! 

23. I have a problem with shopping. Duh. 

24. I love to sew but never have time and patterns confuse the crap out of me. 

25. There are several years I don't remember. Thank you Jose Cuervo.

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